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Bloomberg’s Recent Interview With The CEO Of Coinbase Exchange ‘Brian Armstrong.’

The CEO of Coinbase Exchange ‘Brian Armstrong’ in an interview with Bloomberg stated that the company received roughly around 50,000 user request’s per day back in year 2017.

Stating in the interview at San Francisco Armstrong aforementioned that the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin though surpasses everyday bubbles and make corrections time to time but a new issue always seem to standing in its way. Mentioning further he said, the global acceptance of the digital world is increasing every year.

When he was asked regarding his expectations for ICO’s, Armstrong stated that

“ICO’s are an necessary innovation within the world” as they supply a chance for  people round the  globe to boost funds for brand new ventures while not wishing on personal networks of angel investors which is although an enormous breakthrough.”

While there square measure legal inquiries to contemplate, Armstrong aforementioned that he expects the ICO trend to continue, language that “ICOs square measure breaking all the previous crowdfunding records.”

Armstrong also said that the company also helped customers to trade $150 Bln price worth of digital assets back in the year 2017. An estimate of around even less than 10% of crypto assets are used in the day to day lives.

Earlier also the Exchange company announced the reduction of its Index Fund’s annual management fee for all new and existing investors directly to half as its plan to attract new investors. The exchange also proclaimed that the open-end fund was rebalanced to include Ethereum Classic ‘ETC’, following the official listing of other Altcoins too on Coinbase last week. Last week this year, Coinbase also successfully renewed its cash transmitter license.

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