Blockchain Has A Tremendous Revolutionary Potential : Bitkom Survey Report.

Blockchain Has A Tremendous Revolutionary Potential : Bitkom Survey Report.

2018-12-06 | Big Bob

Blockchain Has A Tremendous Revolutionary Potential : Bitkom Survey Report.

As per a recent 'survey' conducted by Bitkom , over one third of capitalist businesses in Germany think blockchain technology as revolutionary as net. In addition to AI [Artificial Intelligence] along with IOT [Internet Of Things], blockchain technology is one of the present 3 areas of development with “tremendous potential,” the survey reports.

Conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media 'Bitkom', the survey unconcealed that overall, 15% of German firms suppose blockchain can “change society and the economy just alike the Internet.” Larger firms, with over 500 staff, were over double as seemingly to hold that opinion, at around 36%.

Similarly, around 46 % of the surveyed firms classified Germany a “latecomer” following the blockchain adoption, laterly behind several other nations. An outsized swathe of respondents, around 40%, aforesaid they see the country not as a pacesetter, however somewhere within the middle, in terms of blockchain development.

Bitkom has conducted in depth polls of businesses along with the German public in respect to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the way they're perceived. Earlier in Nov, a Bitkom survey unconcealed that around 60% of native firms are hesitant regarding an approaching the subject of blockchain, primarily due to a perceived lack of 'sensible' practical applications.

Even in Feb. this year, another Bitkom survey found that 60% of Germans were known to Bitcoin [BTC]. In line with the report, awareness had doubled since 2016. 4% of respondents really own Bitcoin [BTC] coin, whereas 19% know the actual process of purchasing the seminal cryptocurrency while 72% declared that they have no interest in digital currencies.

Regarding the economic significance of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Bitkom chief operating officer Bernhard Rohleder added:

“Bitcoin [BTC] along with cryptocurrencies are a good example of how the digital age is liable to change the monetary world. This is often not so much regarding the individual currency itself as it is related to the underlying blockchain technology. It'll have an impact on the entire economy.”

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