BlackBerry Reveals Its New Blockchain Powered Platform.

BlackBerry Reveals Its New Blockchain Powered Platform.

2018-10-05 | Eddy Morgan

BlackBerry Reveals Its New Blockchain Powered Platform.

IT software company and former smartphone manufacturer ‘BlackBerry’ has revealed their blockchain-powered platform. The new product focuses on the healthcare sector, in line with a recent announcement made by the company.

According to the announcement, the company has partnered with technology firm ONEBIO to develop a blockchain-backed ultra-secure scheme. The system is meant for the storage and sharing of medical knowledge in which details can be entered by patients, laboratories, and IoT’s biometric devices. Once entered, information can’t be no more anonymized and shared with researchers.

Chief Operating Officer of ‘BlackBerry’ ’John Chen said:

"We are employing our experience in security, information privacy, and communication work in regulated industries like automotive, financial services, and govt. to tackle one among the most important challenges within the healthcare industry: leveraging healthcare endpoints to boost patient outcomes whereas guaranteeing security and information privacy."

Among alternative products, BlackBerry has conjointly bestowed a real time OS for the development of robotic surgical instruments, patient observation systems, and alternative safety-critical products that have still to pass the regulatory’s approval.

There was a time when BlackBerry solely controlled around half of the worldwide smartphone market, however as per 2016 report, the firm controlled even less than 0.1. Whereas BlackBerry still remains within the smartphone business — it is expected to reveal  its latest smartphone iteration on 11th Oct. this year — the recent blockchain initiative is indicative of the firm’s movement into alternative fields.

Today, BlackBerry conjointly also revealed their new quantum-resistant code signing service that would allow software packages to be digitally signed employing a scheme that would be onerous to break with quantum computing.

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