BitTorrent Integration With Tron Based BTT Token Expected Soon.

BitTorrent Integration With Tron Based BTT Token Expected Soon.

2019-01-19 | Robin Williams

BitTorrent Integration With Tron Based BTT Token Expected Soon.

In line with a recent official press release revealed, BitTorrent’s system dubbed BitTorrent Speed, that would integrate with the Tron-based BTT token into the popular uTorrent Windows client, is expected to launch by summer this year. 

The BitTorrent Speed working methodology involves issuing cryptocurrency token rewards to users that serve content to others via the uTorrent network. The client’s users - that is expected over 100 Mln, as per BitTorrent  - would also be able to pay for quicker downloads with the same tokens.

The company conjointly declared that to all accounts that are not U.S. based, the token can solely be accessible for purchase on the Binance launchpad platform.

BitTorrent is a P2P [peer-to-peer] communication protocol for on-line file sharing, along with the eponymic company that maintains it. The BitTorrent network is very similar to Bitcoin’s [BTC] in structure, as they both support decentralized sharing of data and lack one purpose of authority.

As reported earlier,  The BTT token project is reportedly a part of BitTorrent’s broader ambition to make a decentralized content 'distribution platform' employing cryptocurrency.

‘Simon Morris,’ former chief strategy officer at [BitTorrent] added in an exceedingly recent interview that Tron [TRX] won’t be able to manage the transactional volume required to tokenise [BitTorrent].

In response to Morris’ claims, a Tron [TRX] official commented that:

"Morris seems to own very little insight into BitTorrent operational plans since his departure. Actions and execution can prove louder than the words of a fed up former employee."

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