Bitmain To Launch Its New Mining Wi-Fi Routers Soon.

Bitmain To Launch Its New Mining Wi-Fi Routers Soon.

2018-08-10 | Robin Williams

Bitmain To Launch Its New Mining Wi-Fi Routers Soon.

The world’s second largest manufacturer of mining recently shared its plans to sell a TV set in the coming days that would also serve as a mining rig. And now there’s Bitmain, the leading mining hardware producer has introduced Wi-Fi routers capable of mining digital currencies.

Bitmain is that the world’s largest company and producer of mining instrumentality as well as the ASIC chips employed in bitcoin mining. Recently this week, the company announced on its web blog post, it’s new developed Wi-Fi routers capable of mining cryptocurrencies. The devices, Antrouter R3-DASH and Antrouter R3-SIA, area unit designed to mint dash (DASH) and siacoin (SC).

The dual-function routers mining models are from Bitmain’s R3 series of product and would be available at a price tag of $58 USD.

The company guarantees to ship the ordered machines within a week once full payment is made. Once connected to the web, the routers can right away begin mining digital currencies.. Each router will have a private Bitmain account at the time of purchase so as to examine their mining profitability.

According to its product page released by Bitmain, Antrouter R3-Dash has been designed and tested to mine solely dash. However, that it’s also able to mine different X11 coins, however the performance and therefore the potency of the device don't seem to be secure in such cases. R3-DASH is proclaimed at hashrate of around 300M/s ± and consumes about 43 Watt/hour of electricity.

The other product, R3-SIA router is meant to mine siacoin however is additionally capable of mining different blake2b coins too. It comes with a hashrate of around 11 G/s with 22 Watt/hour of energy consumption.

The launch of these two products is expected by the end of this year.

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