BitFinex Exchange Revealed Its New Improved Fiat Deposit System.

BitFinex Exchange Revealed Its New Improved Fiat Deposit System.

2018-10-17 | Eddy Morgan

BitFinex Exchange Revealed Its New Improved Fiat Deposit System.

In line with a recent official web blog post, Bitfinex exchange revealed its improved fiat deposit system. Earlier, on 11th Oct., Bitfinex temporarily halted fiat order deposits in four currencies – the Euro [EUR], United States Dollar [USD], Japanese Yen [JPY], and British Pound Sterling [GBP] – while not specifying a reason for suspension and claiming that fiat order deposits are “expected to resume within a few upcoming days.”

However, On 15th Oct., the crypto exchange published an update on fiat deposits, explaining that Bitfinex had temporarily halted fiat deposits for certain user within the face of process complications.”

The company conjointly stressed that all cryptocurrencies and fiat order withdrawals were processing without any interference.

In today’s announcement, the Bitfinex team introduced a “new, improved and progressively resilient” fiat order deposit system.

As per the claims of exchange, the new system would once again enable KYC-compliant customers from around the world to conduct deposits within the four antecedently suspended fiat currencies.

According to the statement, the new system would necessitate users to process a deposit request, which would then be reviewed within forty eight hours. The deposit itself, as Bitfinex states, are processed “within 6-10 business days.”

The web blog post conjointly states that the min. order deposit amount is at $10,000 USD with a 0.1% processing fees.

The company introduced fiat operations back in the year 2015 during its move to alter traders to enter the digital asset ecosystem, as mentioned during a recent web blog post prior to fiat deposit suspension.

Last week, the exchange issued an official response to a recent swathe of on-line rumors that it's insolvent or facing banking problems. Bitfinex’s rebuttal came within the wake of last week’s reports that the exchange’s banking partner had lost both the Bitfinex and subsidiary firm Tether.

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