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Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2021 – Survey Report.

Since Bitcoin’ earlier historic price surges and falls, investors have tried & failed to employ traditional markers to form a sense out of the volatile trends.

CNBC recently conducted a survey on a gaggle of portfolio managers and equity strategists to know the inner sentiment of the fintech community towards Bitcoin [BTC]. While answering the survey for “Where will Bitcoin be by the end of this year?” Squawk Box reported:

“Around 40% say [Bitcoin] will be below $30k and about flat for the year. Others are more optimistic.”

Out of the remaining 56%, 25% predicted the worth to increase and settle at $45k while the other 25% supported BTC to face the $55k benchmark. A little minority of 6% revealed that Bitcoin could return bank back to $60k, near its $65k all-time high from earlier in April 2021.

Although experts argue that a cryptocurrency’s worth can be equated to its use case, Bitcoin has been its ground as a real store useful against all odds and speculations. Given the financial predicament for panic sellers and therefore the changing opinion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the adoption rate continues to ascertain a stable hike across the world serving unique use cases.

As this particular poll represents solely a little fraction of the cryptocurrency demographic, and in no way represents everything of the investors’ sentiments, readers are advised to not make investment decisions supporting bearish or bullish market discussions, still to watch.

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