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Latest News Suffers DDoS Attack – 0.5 BTC Demanded In Ransom.

Shortly after being entwined within a legal decision in the United Kingdom, the website has faced another battle, this time on the technical front.

In line with the site’s pseudonymous operator, Cobra, was hit with an “absolutely massive” DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] attack.

Within an official report by Decrypt on Monday, the attackers had demanded 0.5 Bitcoin [BTC] to release the website’s services and operations restored to normal. Suffers DDoS Attack - 0.5 BTC Demanded In Ransom.

DDoS is a cyber attack that targets a site’s host or its infrastructure by flooding the host with request traffic that then overwhelms the system and renders it inoperable.

The attack is the latest development for the site, which is meant to teach and instruct others on the way to purchase & sell crypto assets.

Last week, London’s supreme court awarded nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright a default judgment as Cobra, not wishing to reveal their true identity, decided to not show. The court ruled must discontinue hosting its copy of the Bitcoin technical paper.

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