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Bitcoin Mining Massive Carbon FootPrint – Adequate Measures Have To Be Taken.

Finding enough energy to run the massive, power-hungry computer arrays that produce and transmit Bitcoin (BTC) is a challenge for large-scale bitcoin mining. Environmentalists have expressed concern about a unique solution devised by a mining company in central New York. It generates its own electricity.

Greenidge Generation uses a decommissioned facility near the shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region to generate roughly 44 megawatts of energy, enough to operate 15,300 computer servers and transmit the rest of the electricity into the state’s power system. More than 35,000 households may be powered by megawatts dedicated to Bitcoin.

Its proponents see it as a cost-effective solution to mining more popular cryptocurrencies without straining the existing power system. The facility is seen as a danger to the environment by environmentalists.

They are concerned about a new wave of revived fossil-fuel facilities spewing out climate gases for private profit rather than the common benefit. They’re asking the state to deny the plant’s air quality permit renewal and put a stop to comparable developments, citing Greenidge as a test case.

Greenidge converted the old coal plant, which is located in a touristic area famed for its glacial lakes and Riesling wines, to natural gas and began producing energy in 2017. Bitcoin mining began in earnest at the factory, which has a 106-megawatt capacity, last year. “We’re delivering a piece of the world’s digital future” to upstate New York, according to the business.

“This region has been promised new businesses and possibilities for decades,” Greenidge said in a prepared statement. “We’re actually doing it, and we’re doing it in complete compliance with the state’s nation-leading strong environmental requirements.”

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