Bitcoin Miner From Iceland Punished With 4 Yrs Of Imprisonment.

Bitcoin Miner From Iceland Punished With 4 Yrs Of Imprisonment.

2019-01-23 | Robin Williams

Bitcoin Miner From Iceland Punished With 4 Yrs Of Imprisonment.

In line with a news 'report' by a native media outlet ‘Iceland Monitor’, an individual from Iceland was punished with a four-and-a-half-year jail sentence for stealing Bitcoin mining equipments.

Sindri Þor Stefansson, who earlier in April last year boarded a flight from Reykjavik to Stockholm reportedly with a stolen passport, was afterwards arrested in Amsterdam and then sent back. Stefansson claimed he that he legally travelled custody to Sweden.

However, in court Stefansson, as well as his six accomplices, received a prolonged jail term.

The proceeding case relates to the thefts of Bitcoin mining equipments reportedly valued around $2 Mln, and two different tried heists that took place earlier in Dec. 2017 and in Jan. last year.

The target was Nordic IT company Advania, to that all seven defendants are liable pay compensation of around $273,000 USD.

Stefansson received the longest jail sentence among its group accusers, that comes when he argued he was legally allowed to board the Sweden flight at the time he fled Sogni jail.

After a custody warrant ran out, the judge had a 24-hour window to renew it, however within the interim Stefansson stated that he was liberal to travel.

“I was forced to sign a paper stating that I was free to travel, but if I could, i might stay in a jail room till the extension of custody was approved,” he added in his very statement that afterwards appeared in native news publication Frettablaðið.

Even earlier in Sept., business insiders 'reported' that Icelandic businesses planned to segue out of the Bitcoin mining business into “pure blockchain businesses.”

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