Bitcoin Fraudster Arrested In $24 Mln Crypto Investment Scam Case.

Bitcoin Fraudster Arrested In $24 Mln Crypto Investment Scam Case.

2018-10-11 | Eddy Morgan

Bitcoin Fraudster Arrested In $24 Mln Crypto Investment Scam Case.

In line with a recent news report published by ‘Bangkok Post’, Prinya Jaravijit was within United States after a crypto investment scam scheme surfaced within which he and several other accomplices allegedly defrauded a Finnish trader of $24 Mln.

The Crime Suppression Division’s [CSD] deputy commander ‘Chakrit Sawasdee’ revealed on yesterday that the Foreign Ministry voided the passport of the prime suspect ‘Jaravijit’.

Sawasdee reportedly ordered the suspect to show himself in by Monday, however Jaravijit stated that he wasn't in a position to come back to Thailand since his passport was revoked, creating his stay within the U.S. illegal. Jaravijit was reportedly within the process of handling his return with the Thai embassy in the United States.

Bitcoin Fraudster Arrested In $24 Mln Crypto Investment Scam Case.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office [AMLO] seized funds worth $6.4 Mln from Jaravijit's family and others connected individuals, to the case. Next week, native police are reportedly set to charge the suspect’s family and elder brother with Money Laundering. The suspect allegedly in this crypto investment scam received cash from Jaravijit and spent it later.

As antecedently reported, Jaravijit and his accomplices are suspects of defrauding Finnish Capitalist ‘Aarni Otava Saarima’ and his business partner, who were lured into investing their Bitcoin [BTC] in an exceedingly fake investment scheme that involved 3 firms along with the gambling-focused crypto token Dragon Coin.

The alleged scammers took their victims to a Macau-based casino, where they claimed the tokens would be used. Saarima eventually transferred his Bitcoins [BTC], however never saw returns, nor stockholder papers or proof of investment in Dragon Coin. Saarima approached the CSD with an accusation in Jan earlier this year.

The deputy commander reportable that the other suspects have all been members of the Jaravijit family, along with the capitalist Prasit Srisuwan and businessman Chakrit Ahmad, that reportedly have reached a compensation settlement with the Finnish capitalist in the case filed.

The case  primarily came to light in Aug., after the Thai police arrested soap-opera star Jiratpisit "Boom" Jaravijit in this crypto investment scam that was reportedly one amongst the seven suspects connected to this $24 Mln scam.

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