Bitcoin, Ethereum & Transaction Fees - Can Litecoin Be A Solution?

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Transaction Fees - Can Litecoin Be A Solution?

2021-10-25 | Mike Hallen

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Transaction Fees - Can Litecoin Be A Solution?

When Bitcoin has fared well in the past, other currencies have followed suit, with some even failing. A modest exchange rate, however, does not exist. The Lightning Network aims to address the Bitcoin (BTC) scalability issue, however, it's unclear how a crypto user with less technical expertise will go to the next level. After all, the first intended target of Bitcoin use was as a peer payment car. Although the on-chain network transactions for Bitcoin transactions have plummeted over the past few months, those investments are still high enough to make sending $5 from one savings wallet to the worst. Because again, we want lower network costs so it doesn't cost much to prevent someone $5. Comparing Litecoin with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), using Bitcoin as a basis for comparison. This is how those funds look from 10/20/2021. Bitcoin - $4.167, Dogecoin- $0.554, Litecoin- $0.028, Dash- $0.01, Bitcoin Cash- <$0.01. It was surprising how expensive it would be to send a dog money meme on-chain. While it was clear that it was not too expensive to deliver the sample for less than three cents, Litecoin may have been cheap enough to prove to send $5 to another bag. The use of the active Litecoin wallet has continued this year. You can really get an idea of ​​how to distance yourself from BCH and Dash by 2021 in the view of network acceptance. In view of the speed of the year, Litecoin's growth in active wallet addresses has been better than any other crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum & Transaction Fees - Can Litecoin Be A Solution? Something to consider from the point of view of network metrics is the average value of on-chain transactions. When posting an article, only Dash has a lower median transaction value than LTC. But when we combine these three metrics to assess which currency points are most successful in all three, Litecoin has the right combination of low on-chain currency, low-value transaction use, and strong address growth. One of the main reasons to change your mind about the Grayscale fund was because the NAV premium dropped so much from there it was at a high level. That is especially true of the Grayscale Litecoin Trust, which has been trading at a high rate of NAV until recently. As of 10/21 closing, the fund is trading at a 12% discount on NAV. This means that the amount of Litecoin kept by Grayscale in the wallet is much more important than the stock price of the wallet.  Litecoin can be very useful for people who decide to withdraw from the bank and save their fortune in dollars. It's more like reading years ago that LTC could have a similar relationship to Bitcoin as silver historically has had with gold.

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