Bitcoin ETF Future - Several Visions of Different Experts.

Bitcoin ETF Future - Several Visions of Different Experts.

2018-08-20 | Selina Mathew

Bitcoin ETF Future - Several Visions of Different Experts.

Bitcoin ETF proposal is creating a buzz around the community as a new trending news is waving across the globe. The world’s first Bitcoin ETF exchange is expected to be approved by next year but according to some experts, this approval can also lead to an increase in more market price volatility.

Over the past few months, experts are separated on the result of the ruling of the SEC concerning Bitcoin ETF proposals and its thereafter effects onto the crypto market. The Chief executive officer at BKCM ‘Brian Kelly’ explained that the increase within the value of Bitcoin from the lower finish to the hike of around more than $8,000 USD in early August may well be attributed to the increasing buzz around Bitcoin ETF’s. Mentioning further he said:

“Last week, the considerable drop in the prices of the Bitcoin was led due to the ETF proposal buzz fading away.”

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Bitcoin ETF Future - Several Visions of Different Experts.  

Another expert from the crypto field ‘Andreas Antonopoulos’ shared his stand opposing the introduction of bitcoin ETF proposal mentioning:

“Everybody seem to be excited about ETF’s. What we have seen related to other markets is that when an ETF becomes available, the prices really increases dramatically, as suddenly that asset becomes available to a lot more investors. But, on the other side of it, there are always these claims made that the commodities markets are heavily manipulated and opening up these ETFs only increase the ability of institutional investors to manipulate the prices of commodities.”

In the coming future, as a lot of in-public tradable investment would be introduced by regulated institutions and therefore the liquidity of Bitcoin is expected to drastically improve. It will then become moreover like impossible to control the manipulation in the crypto market prices.

However, during a time of instability, high volatility, and quick growth, these in-public tradable investment vehicles may give enough leverage to giant investors that might be capable of reversing the market trends.

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