Terminating Its Services From 23rd July 2020. Terminating Its Services From 23rd July 2020.

2020-06-24 | Eddy Morgan Terminating Its Services From 23rd July 2020.

The forum, one among the foremost popular forums within the cryptocurrency community, has abruptly announced closure.

A renowned platform for the heated debates and thoughtful cryptocurrency-related discussions,’s forum will be terminating its services from July 23, 2020. The news was reported by the forum’s administrator within a thread posted on 24th June.

In line with the post, the forum admin revealed a very few details about the reasons for this upcoming closure. The post doesn't specify the actual explanations behind the action.’s forum is related to the website - one among the oldest and largest cryptocurrency-related web portals within the world. Backed by early Bitcoin [BTC] adopter & investor, Roger Ver, the web-site offers variety of Bitcoin along with Bitcoin Cash [BCH] services, including a cryptocurrency exchange.

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