Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Services For Crypto Hardware Wallet ‘Ledger’ Resumed.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Services For Crypto Hardware Wallet ‘Ledger’ Resumed.

2018-11-24 | Eddy Morgan

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Services For Crypto Hardware Wallet ‘Ledger’ Resumed.

In line with the recent announcement published, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] services for crypto hardware wallet ‘Ledger’ have been resumed.

Ledger suspended its Bitcoin Cash [BCH] service on 14th Nov in anticipation of the cryptocurrency’s upcoming hardware fork “to forestall unwanted transactions and potential replay attacks.” Throughout the service pause it absolutely was impractical to send Bitcoin Cash [BCH] through the wallet’s infrastructure.

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network under went an upgrade on 15th November, leading to a fancy battle and eventually divided the blockchain into 2 — BCH ABC supported by crypto evangelist Roger Ver and BCH SV supported by Craig Wright. This hash war led cryptocurrency exchanges round the world to quickly suspend BCH tradings.

Today, Ledger declared it's re-enabled its Bitcoin Cash [BCH] services like adding accounts and transferring the altcoin. The wallet conjointly created an announcement in its Twitter account:

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Services For Crypto Hardware Wallet ‘Ledger’ Resumed.Ledger noted that presently  BCH SV isn't supported in Ledger Live. The firm counseled its purchasers to use the Electron Splash splitting tool prior to creating any BCH transactions. If not, users could supposedly risk losing their BCH SV if any hacker replays their transactions on the BCH SV chain or the other way around.

Earlier this month, the Germany-based IOTA Foundation declared its plans to integrate IOTA tokens with Ledger’s wallets. This would supposedly permit users to safeguard their non-public keys, giving access to their IOTA tokens in a very special chip by securing users’ keys from their computers or smartphones.

Earlier In October, crypto software company revealed its new hardware device dubbed “Blockchain Lockbox,” that integrates with its existing on-line digital wallet, developed in partnership with Ledger. The device is meant to permit users to store all or some of their crypto holdings offline, with easy accessibility to their on-line account.

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