Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hard Fork In Nov. - SV Client Receives Formal Release.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hard Fork In Nov. - SV Client Receives Formal Release.

2018-10-18 | Big Bob

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hard Fork In Nov. - SV Client Receives Formal Release.

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] software client is revealed by ‘Bitcoin SV’ that is a blockchain development firm nChain, is now available on GitHub. Launched this week, SV [short for Satoshi Vision] v0.1.0 aims to the fourth-largest cryptocurrency heading in the right direction to meet onymous vision of developer ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ for Bitcoin [BTC] to become electronic cash — or at least nChain’s interpretation of that vision.

To that line, this first SV release can, upon activation of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network’s by this Nov. on 15th hard fork, raise the default Bitcoin Cash [BCH] block size limit to 128MB from 32MB, reintroduce four supposed “Satoshi opcodes” - OP_MUL, OP_INVERT, OP_LSHIFT, and OP_RSHIFT — and over double the max no. of opcodes per script to over 500 from 201 at present.

More considerably, the launch is advisedly incompatible with the consensus changes enforced within the latest upgrade of Bitcoin ABC, that remains the dominant BCH full node client despite a recent decline in the market share. Among several things, ABC’s client can implement canonical dealing ordering, that the developers say would offer “massive on-chain scaling,” along with new opcode — OP_CHECKDATASIG — that may make Bitcoin Cash [BCH] compatible with oracles and cross-chain atomic contracts.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hard Fork In Nov. - SV Client Receives Formal Release.

With the arriving Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork currently less than a month away, the standoff between SV and ABC is poised to end in a chain split that may see the competitory wage a untidy war for the future of the protocol.

Additionally to a renowned promoter in nChain CTO Craig Wright, the SV project has support and financial support from CoinGeek, the crypto firm founder by capitalist Calvin Ayre. CoinGeek operates as the 2nd largest Bitcoin Cash [BCH] mining pool and presently accounts for around 26% of the BCH blocks mined over the past seven days. SVPool, that nChain recently launched through a private beta and has not however opened to the general public, makes up another 3.5 % of the hashrate.

As previously reported, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] development cluster Bitcoin Unlimited tried to broker a compromise. BU v1.5.0, that was launched on 13th Oct., offers support for the upgrades introduced by ABC, and developers have aforesaid that support for SV’s planned options is “pending” yet. Considerably, all of these changes are user-configurable, sanctioning node operators to vote on the options they support adding into the protocol through an alternate activation mechanism.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Hard Fork In Nov. - SV Client Receives Formal Release.

Meanwhile, onymous co-owner ‘Cobra’ has proclaimed a thought to make a competitory client that will maintain the current consensus rules and reject all of the planned changes from SV and ABC. However, although as the hard fork is quickly approaching, Cobra has not yet released its “Cobra Client” software.

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