Bitcoin [BTC] Transactional Fees Are At New Low's - Report.

Bitcoin [BTC] Transactional Fees Are At New Low's - Report.

2019-02-12 | Selina Mathew

Bitcoin [BTC] Transactional Fees Are At New Low's - Report.

In line with a recent news reported by the crypto and blockchain analysis firm named ‘Diar’, the Bitcoin [BTC] transactional fees are at new lows.

While the transaction fees of major cryptocurrency named Bitcoin [BTC] struck a one year high in Jan., nearly reaching the level registered in 2017, the median transactions priced in BTC have reportedly dropped. Bitcoin [BTC] median fees have reportedly fallen to 2014 levels:

“Median Fees are also at levels not seen since 2015 despite the entire monthly Bitcoins shifted on-chain standing at higher levels than seen throughout most of 2018.”

Bitcoin [BTC] Transactional Fees Are At New Lows - Report.

Just last month, Diar revealed that cryptocurrency exchanges closed 2018 with “record transacting volumes,” where the combined trade volume of USD [U.S. dollar] markets on major U.S. crypto exchange 'Coinbase' reportedly hiked by around 21% in 2018 versus 2017. Over the same period of time, renowned exchanges namely Kraken and Bitfinex saw hikes of around 192% and 50% respectively.

However, just last week Diar published a 'report' stating that since the starting of the year mercantilism volumes on crypto exchanges dipped to new lows in Jan. to the levels not seen since 2017. The period reportedly turned to be the worst for the global leading cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trading volume, Binance, as its BTC/USD market pair reduced by around 40% as compared to Dec. in last year.

Also in the month of Jan., a report by Diar stated that the 'on-chain transactional value of Ethereum [ETH]' hit an all time high in Dec. last year, reaching 115 Mln. Explaining further Dair added, “In terms of transactional count on-chain the ‘super computer’ has found stability since Oct. bobbing between 16–17 Mln monthly transactions.”

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