Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction - Universal Widespread Expansion In 5 Yrs.

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction - Universal Widespread Expansion In 5 Yrs.

2019-02-19 | Selina Mathew

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction - Universal Widespread Expansion In 5 Yrs.

In line with a recent interview with American financial news channel ‘Fox business', billionaire capitalist and renowned Bitcoin [BTC] bull Tim Draper argued that in 5 years, solely criminals would be using fiat as crypto becomes universally widespread. 

Reiterating his prior statements predicting that standard fiat money will become laughable and obsolete in 5 years, Draper expanded on his forecast, stating that no-one rather than criminals will keep using cash, since criminals who use crypto’s can be traced back via 'blockchain'.

Explaining further, he added:

“The criminals still want to work with cash, as they catch everyone who’s attempting to use Bitcoin [BTC].”

Earlier in Aug. last year, an agent of the United States DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] 'added' that she prefers individuals to keep employing cryptocurrencies, as the blockchain provides tool to spot criminals.

Via in the interview, 'Tim Draper' additionally stated that he believes his money in the bank to be less secure than his money in Bitcoin's [BTC]. “My bank is consistently underneath a hack attack," Draper has declared, adding that to now, no-one has managed to hack Bitcoin 'blockchain'.

Claiming that his Bitcoin's is more safer than USD, the Bitcoin capitalist  compared cashing out from Bitcoin with exchanging gold into shells, adding that there's no sense to travel back in time as the future is about Bitcoin's [BTC] along with other cryptocurrencies.

When asked what proportion of cryptocurrencies he holds, Draper provided a brief response: “alot.”

Draper’s recent statement has echoed the stance of young Bitcoin capitalist ‘Jeremy Gardner’, who added that the present monetary system is far more blameable for things like terrorism and crimes than blockchain technology perhaps will ever be.

Earlier in Nov 2018, Tim Draper 'reaffirmed' his April 2018 Bitcoin [BTC] prediction that the major cryptocurrency will trade as high as $250K USD per coin by 2022. Meanwhile, Bitcoin [BTC] has seen vital growth recently, having jumped over 4.25% over the day and is trading at a price around '$3,916.20 USD' at the reporting time.

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction - Universal Widespread Expansion In 5 Yrs.

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