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Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Becoming More Distributed Among Mining Pools – Report.

In line with a recent ‘analysis report‘ published by ‘Diar’, the Bitcoin [BTC] mining hashrate is becoming alot more distributed among mining pools.

Bitcoin [BTC] Mining Hashrate Becoming More Distributed Among Mining Pools - Report.

As per the report, smaller mining pools have made graceful gains within this year as unknown miners either dropped-off or changed their pools.

Anonymous Bitcoin [BTC] miners had reportedly gone from  solving about 6% of the blocks at the beginning of last year to 22% by the end of 2018.

Moreover, the report claims that this trend presently seem to be reversed, as smaller pools have presently solved between 23% and 24% blocks within the past 2 months, double the share percentage reported last year. Diar added that while such distribution has its advantages, conjointly another trend is manifesting itself:

“While the distribution of hash power is actually better geared against coordinated attacks, the amount of pools continue to dwindle. Till date, vs the beginning of 2018, around 40% of the pools have presently shut down.”

Just around a week earlier Diar also ‘reported‘ that the average bitcoin transaction fees hiked by nearly 200% in April compared to March.

Even earlier in May, Chinese cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain’s hashrate has ‘noticeably dropped‘ just within a month.

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