Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Reaches New Incomparable Highs - Report.

Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Reaches New Incomparable Highs - Report.

2019-06-21 | Robin Williams

Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Reaches New Incomparable Highs - Report.

In line with ‘’, Bitcoin [BTC] hash rate - the overall computational power of the BTC network - reached new incomparable highs this week.

As the price of the leading 'cryptocurrency' is setting new annual record higher than $9,000 USD,  hash rate, that can be taken as a measure of interest in 'mining' bitcoin, shot on top of ever before.

Earlier on Wednesday this week, the most recent day for which is accessible, bitcoin’s hash rate reached around 65.19 Th/s [Trillion Hashes per Second].

Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Reaches New Incomparable Highs - Report.This activity however failed to go unnoticed, with the hash rate continuously gaining daily throughout this week.

“Hashrate leads to price,” Keiser Report host and major Bitcoin bull named ‘Max Keiser’, wrote on Twitter in his comments on Thursday.

“This are somethings not even [bitcoin's] most ardent supporters perceive. It’s the heart of the motivation scheme. Its Satoshi’s ability to hack humans to create Gold 2.0.”

The number well beats the previous record of 60 Th/s set earlier in late Sep last year, and continues the metric’s of following a upward trend.

As 'reported' earlier, the period after September last year proved to be a retrograde step for the Bitcoin [BTC] network, with hash rate falling for the primary time ever until this year.

Several other metrics - including price - conjointly saw suppression, before network activity picked up in Q1 2019. Thereafter, from 1st April, the price of bitcoin followed, sparking an almost unbroken 3-month bullish market, that continues.

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