Bitcoin Above $51k, What Does Bill Gates Think About BTC Now.

Bitcoin Above $51k, What Does Bill Gates Think About BTC Now.

2021-02-19 | Selina Mathew

Bitcoin Above $51k, What Does Bill Gates Think About BTC Now.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is among the newest prominent tech figure to seemingly attempt to stay out of the fray when it involves questions on Bitcoin adoption. Within an official interview with CNBC’s recently, Gates added that he had neither invested in Bitcoin [BTC] nor wanted to form a prediction on any price movements.
"I don’t own Bitcoin, I’m not short Bitcoin, so I’ve taken a neutral view," added Gates. "Bitcoin can go up and down just supporting the mania or regardless of the views are.”
However, the Microsoft co-founder appeared to imply that a lot of where using a virtual currency outside developing countries for "tax avoidance or criminality." He said his philanthropy run through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation moves "money into a more digital form," with "total visibility of who’s doing what." The comments mirror earlier statements made within a 2018 Reddit AMA, during which Gates criticized the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions and linked them with people buying drugs. The Microsoft co-founder mentioned the technology at the time together "that has caused deaths within a fairly direct way." Although on Microsoft’s board as of March last year, Gates' position on crypto assets and Bitcoin is analogous thereto of the tech company. Yesterday Microsoft president Brad Smith implied the firm had no immediate plans to take a position in Bitcoin.

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