Binance To Discontinue All Crypto Operations In Singapore By Feb. 2022.

Binance To Discontinue All Crypto Operations In Singapore By Feb. 2022.

2021-12-13 | Daniel Smith

Binance To Discontinue All Crypto Operations In Singapore By Feb. 2022.

As per a blog article posted previously today by Binance, targeting its clients in Singapore, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange wants to discontinue its attempts to get a license to trade in the city-state from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The exchange would no longer provide any cryptocurrency trading operations to its Singapore consumers. DPT operations will be phased down by February, but activity will begin immediately. According to a blog article on, all businesses in Singapore that accept digital payment tokens will be halted by February 13 of this year. According to, the effect for Singaporean customers will start immediately, December 13. Clients who've not completed "know your customer" processes would not be able to operate, and the exchange will cease enrolling new customers. Apart from that, all crypto and fiat deposits will be terminated. All login credentials must be canceled and assets removed before February 13, 2022. Binance advises that beyond the abovementioned February expiration, it would charge a monthly maintenance fee of 5% for storing the leftover unwithdrawn crypto assets. Furthermore, a one-time administrative fee of 20% will be collected and transmitted for keeping the unwithdrawn cryptocurrency. According to CZ, another of the grounds Binance is departing Singapore is as follows: made an investment in the local exchange HGX, which deals with securities: Hg Exchange, last week. Binance has purchased an 18% interest in the service. Previously in 2021, HGX got a market operations license from the regional MAS regulator. Subsequently, CZ, the leader of Binance and a crypto millionaire, claimed that Binance's investment in the exchange was one among the causes that caused Binance to abandon its efforts to obtain a license in Singapore. He stated on Twitter that the financing in the abovementioned exchange had rendered "our own application rather superfluous." CZ, on the other hand, emphasized that Binance will keep working with its partners to expand the region's crypto business.

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