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Binance Froze Some Crypto Assets Stolen From Recently Hacked Crytopia.

In line with a recent ‘tweet‘ by the CEO of renowned Crypto exchange Binance ‘Changpeng Zhao’, it has frozen tokens sent to its digital wallet by the entity who allegedly hacked New Zealand’s exchange Cryptopia.

Binance Froze Some Crypto Assets Stolen From Recently Hacked Crytopia.Cryptopia, that is presently stopped all of its operations as police investigates its recent ‘hack‘. The exchange is said to have lost around $3.6 Mln in cryptocurrency, sources reported .

While the overall cryptocurrency frozen, still remains unconfirmed , social media users alerted Binance to suspicious transactions from addresses linked to be associated with the Cryptopia’s recent hack.

Zhao afterwards aforementioned that the staff had been quarantining the tokens, that perceived to have arrived in many batches: 31,320 Metal [MTL] priced around $7,830 USD at the reporting time, and 49,766 KyberNetwork [KNC] tokens, priced around $6,867 USD at the reporting time.

“…[W]e were able to freeze portions of the funds,” he wrote on Twitter, explaining:

“I do not understand why the hackers keep transacting to Binance. Social media would be pretty quick to report it, and we will further freeze it. It is a high risk maneuver for them.”

Cryptopia representatives in the meantime, ‘recently on 15th Jan.‘ said that the corporate is unable to comment into the events leading up to the hack, due to the ongoing police investigations.

At the time the hack was 1st reported , ‘suspicions‘ had arisen on-line as the exchange moved massive sums of tokens simply days before the hack occurred.

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