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Binance DEX List Trading Pairs For Its Stablecoin ‘USDSB’ Against USDT & USDS.

In line with a recent ‘official announcement‘ published, renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance has added trading pairs for USDSB, which is a [Binance Chain]-based version of USDC [StableUSD].

As per the recent announcement, Binance has listed trading for 2 trading pairs, including USDSB against leading stablecoin Tether [USDT], and USDSB-to-USDS trading pairs today.

Derived from StableUSD, a stablecoin pegged in the ratio of  1:1 to the USD and formally developed by cryptocurrency startup named ‘Stably’, USDSB was ‘released‘ on Binance’s BEP2 token standard earlier this month. As ‘reported‘ earlier,  SDSB is the 1st ‘stablecoin‘ to be launched on [Binance Chain].

According to a recent ‘official web-blog‘ post published by Stably, Binance is additionally rolling out USDSB trading against BNB [Binance Сoin], which is Binance’s native ERC-20-based token. The firm added that they’re about to launch additional assets on Binance’s non-custodial trading platform [Binance] ‘DEX “very shortly within the mere future.”

Created by Stably, USDS was ‘issued‘ by Nevada-chartered trust firm Prime Trust, that additionally represents the regulated administrator for USDS. The stablecoin was ‘launched‘ earlier on 1st Feb. this year, to let another stable ‘cryptocurrency‘ assets for investors as a way of conserving their wealth in USD within the time of high price volatility. Following the launch, USDS trading went ‘live‘ on Binance on 5th Feb.

Recently, a ‘report‘ published stated that the United States users won’t be having options of trading in several of cryptocurrencies when Binance exchange becomes unavailable for them later in Sept. 2019.

Meanwhile, Binance chief executive officer named ‘Changpeng Zhao’ earlier ‘said‘ that the cryptocurrency exchange has carried out 1st margin liquidation today, claiming that it was a short of Bitcoin [BTC].

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