Billionaire Steve Cohen Enters Crypto World After Skepticism.

Billionaire Steve Cohen Enters Crypto World After Skepticism.

2021-09-15 | Big Bob

Billionaire Steve Cohen Enters Crypto World After Skepticism.

Steve Cohen, a Hedge fund billionaire was a bit doubtful about crypto investments. But, his son has changed his mind who is a crypto maniac. At the Skybridge Alternatives Conference, Cohen said on Tuesday, “He really convinced me this was something I needed to do.” He added, “Once I decided there were opportunities, and I thought this could be a space like an internet -- it could be incredibly transformational -- I wasn’t going to miss this,” Cohen, owner of a net worth of $11.1 has entered into the crypto world with the personal capacity and at his firm as well. He announced he is investing in Radkl which is a trading firm for digital assets. After the reoccur, a non-fungible token company, said that the Cohen’s family office has also invested in this funding round. ‘Far-Out Ideas’ His interest in this virtual field is not just crypto: Cohen also expressed an interest in the metaverse or a virtual world where people use avatars to interact. Cohen said, “There are some far-out ideas out there, about how people are going to spend their time and Your mind can run wild”. He also talked about how people will interact in the metaverse, and buy virtual real estate, and outfits their respective avatars. Cohen was a Mats fan since his childhood and also bought the team in December for $2.5 billion. He addressed the club’s performance and told why he love owing this team. Cohen said, “It’s taken me into a different realm, Owning a hedge fund, you have some notoriety, but it’s nothing like owning a sports team in New York.”

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