Biggest Crypto Market Capitalization Losses Ever, Seen This Year.

Biggest Crypto Market Capitalization Losses Ever, Seen This Year.

2018-12-04 | Eddy Morgan

Biggest Crypto Market Capitalization Losses Ever, Seen This Year.

In line with the latest crypto market statistics,there are currently fewer than 10 blockchains or crypto token networks that value way more than just $1 Bln. At the time of reporting, Cardano’s [ADA] token is having troubles to even retain three-comma standing, having dripped and recovered multiple times over the course of daily mercantilism. Biggest Crypto Market Capitalization Losses Ever Seen This Year.The top price blockchain remains, of course, Bitcoin [BTC]. At the reporting time though it’s over $67.85 Bln but nothing to spit at. If Bitcoin [BTC] were a corporation, it might be a seriously giant one, with global interests and tens of thousands of staff.   The second major cryptocurrency Ripple [XRP], that briefly surpassed the $100 Bln mark last year, currently sits around at $14 Bln only. Ethereum  [ETH] itself features a market capitalisation of simply $11 Bln, however the worth of all its assets combined is higher -– another $7 Bln if you simply count the many those with a market cap over $1 Mln. The Ether token had lost over 7% over the last twenty four hours at time of reporting. The overall market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies is concerning around 76 p.c lower comparatively it was at the all time high of $600 Bln this time last year in 2017. There has been increasing suspicion that Tether [USDT] and Bitfinex games played with the market employing manipulation techniques to such an extent that an official investigations has been launched into the matter. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is still quite new at that point, while featuring a market cap of $3.2 Bln [$4.8 Bln if you count Bitcoin SV with it], at the time it was around $17 Bln. The overall market indicators were all covered in the red zone, while the time of reporting. However, there was one winner today: Waltonchain [WTC], who gained more than 200% over the past twenty four hours. Waltonchain is an independent blockchain technology just like the NEO coin that has its eyes all set for blockchainizing the textile and several other giant industries through the employment of RFID chips. Notably, its per-token worth remains the all times top price levels and its market capitalisation is obscurity close to $1 Bln. So the outlook is bleak nowadays, however it’s still a massive improvement over the market capitalisation of years agone, once whole blockchains struggled to crack the $1 Mln mark. The technology has worth across industries, while the market is also in a very state of chaos and the govt is also knocking on the doors of many crypto-funded operations who used the ICO model as the way to crowdfund while not any answerability to anyone but there still seems to be some good hope left over for the crypto ecosystem to flourish.

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