BCH SV No Longer Wants The Name Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

BCH SV No Longer Wants The Name Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

2018-11-26 | Big Bob

BCH SV No Longer Wants The Name Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

In a recent article published, billionaire speculator and Bitcoin Cash SV [BCH SV] supporter Calvin Ayre has declared that the coin “no longer wants the name Bitcoin Cash [BCH].”

Posted on Calvin own crypto media outlet CoinGeek, the statement claims that Bitcoin Cash SV would exist separately from Bitcoin Cash [BCH],  and the coin is really the “original” Bitcoin [BTC]. Adding further he said:

“Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin [BTC] not the original Bitcoin Cash [BCH].”

Calvin calls on Bitcoin Cash [BTC] ABC – the Roger Ver-backed coin created in BCH’s recent hard fork – to “permanently split” the 2 chains for a “win-win answer.”

The author conjointly accuses supporters of each Bitcoin [BTC], that he refers to as “Segwit BTC” within the article, and Bitcoin Cash of getting “tinkered it [Bitcoin] to death.” Namely, per Calvin, Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ABC – that presently has regained the title of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] – have “abandoned Bitcoin’s core principles by abandoning Nakamoto agreement and trust in miners’ PoW [Proof Of Work].”

Calvin concludes stating that he hopes that moving forward as a separate coin “can be the priority of this episode” which he has outlined to his team as “start operating with everyone” to unleash Bitcoin Cash [BCH] SV as an independent coin from Bitcoin Cash.

The recent hard fork, or update, of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network divided the community into 2 main factions, those people who support Bitcoin Cash [BCH] SV and people who support Bitcoin Cash ABC, that obtain to update the network in numerous ways. A third, supposed “neutral” camp, dubbed Bitcoin Unlimited, was conjointly formed.

Bitcoin Cash ABC was since last week reportedly able to surpass Bitcoin Cash [BCH] SV in terms of hashrate, winning itself the right to keep up the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] brand. As the dirt settles post fork, crypto wallets and exchanges are announcing their support for, similarly as warnings around, the competitive coins, after several had temporarily suspended Bitcoin Cash [BCH] trading and withdrawals.

Recently as per an article published by EtherDesk, major hardware wallet Ledger announced that it had resumed Bitcoin Cash [BCH] trading “in the shape of” BCH ABC.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is presently trading at a price of $210.045 USD which is 27.43% higher than yesterday.

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