Banksy Artwork Crypto NFT Sold For 228.69 ETH.

Banksy Artwork Crypto NFT Sold For 228.69 ETH.

2021-03-08 | Big Bob

Banksy Artwork Crypto NFT Sold For 228.69 ETH.

A leading Banksy artwork burned by a gaggle of cryptocurrency-savvy 'NFT' artists has sold for 228.69 ETH or roughly $380k at purchase. The group behind the statement on non-fungible tokens [NFTs] accepted the offer earlier on Sunday afternoon. The OpenSea sale comes just days after the group physically burned the artwork within a Brooklyn park. An anonymous source told earlier within this week that the artists purchased the piece for roughly $100k. Injective Protocol is the firm behind the Banksy buy. Spokesman Mirza Uddin added that the group remains to choose what charity will receive the proceeds from the NFT sale, though he did say it'll be COVID-focused. “We’re already planning our next event together with a prominent artist,” Uddin added. “Our aim is to bridge the planet of traditional art with the ecosystem of NFTs. So, we’ll definitely be doing more to uphold this ethos.”

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