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Bakkt Crypto Exchange Might Be Approved To Launch Its BTC Futures Product Soon.

In line with a recent news published by ‘The Block,’ the international exchanges’s Bakkt digital currency platform might get approval to launch its physically-delivered Bitcoin (BTC) futures product from U.S. regulators next week.

Bakkt, that seeks to make a “regulated ecosystem” for institutional investors trying to achieve exposure to cryptocurrencies, had antecedently confirmed its plan to launch its futures product dated 12th Dec.

However, there’s no official announcement that whether the regulators are supporting this project or not but as per the present information ICE’s Bakkt can schedule launching its Bitcoin [USD] Daily Futures Contract for individuals as soon as the 1st week of next month, as per an anonymous source “with direct information of the case,” The Block added.

The anonymous source conjointly told the publication that Chicago trading shop DV trading would be trading Bakkt product.

Concerns that non-custodial offers can ultimately trim the industry’s believability that have surfaced from cryptocurrency figures especially, with crypto enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos warning over the impact of regulators approving Bitcoin exchange-traded funds [ETF] within the future.

Non-physical Bitcoin futures primarily launched from CBOE and CME group earlier in Dec. last year. Poor returns have combined with volatility in markets near to settlement dates, sparking discussions among several analysts and experts.

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