Baidu To Launch Its Metaverse Product 'Xirang' On 27th December.

Baidu To Launch Its Metaverse Product 'Xirang' On 27th December.

2021-12-12 | Daniel Smith

Baidu To Launch Its Metaverse Product 'Xirang' On 27th December.

Baidu, the Chinese search engine behemoth, has revealed that on December 27, it will introduce its metaverse product "Xirang," as well as the inaugural Baidu AI Developer Conference. Over 100,000 individuals will engage with one another at the same time throughout the occasion.

Information about the Metaverse

Xirang, as per the release, will be the inaugural local meta-universe to establish a vast interactive area for thousands to operate in. As per the company's vice president, metaverses are currently in the initial stages of research, and initiatives such as Xirang have yet to evolve.

Specifics about the Metaverse

The proposed virtual world will be designed as a Mobius ring planet with aspects of Chinese urbanistic architecture and will incorporate cultural components. Customers would be empowered to design their personal avatars, which they may use for private meetings, purchasing, and contact with each other. Xirang also incorporates realistic visual and audio elements to further immerse the player in the gameplay experience. The virtual world will enable any person to instantaneously join the worldwide audio chat and connect with some other avatars. According to Baidu, the metaverse will provide its customers with an elevated interactive encounter through the utilization of current visuals and multi-person interactivity. With the use of its engine, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, Baidu aimed to produce the most technologically sophisticated metaverse solution in the industry. The event, which will be placed afterward this month in the Xirang metaverse, is among the major technology conferences produced by Baidu as of 2017, and it is also the biggest AI developer symposium. The conference will bring together a variety of enterprises, technological developers, and fans. Attendees at the conference will debate contemporary internet technologies, artificial intelligence, and the advancement of metaverse technology.

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