Controversial Upcoming BCH Hard Fork Still On Hold, For Now.

Controversial Upcoming BCH Hard Fork Still On Hold, For Now.

2018-09-01 | Big Bob

Controversial Upcoming BCH Hard Fork Still On Hold, For Now.

Cobra, the co-owner of Bitcointalk and has come up with a plan to stop the conflict of permanent blockchain split in the Bitcoin Cash network.

Cobra the founder of two most renowned firms ‘Bitcointalk and’ originally a critic of Bitcoin Cash ‘BCH’ has finally came into support of BCH, though expressing his amendments to the network’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm of BCH.

Recently he launched full node Bitcoin Cash implementation in a trial to stop a civil war between BCH development group named ABC developers and nChain developers from a network split that would damages the digital currency’s name.

As per his implementation he launched an new software ‘Cobra Client’ that adopts neither canonical dealings nor any of opcode activations planned by Bitcoin ABC and nChain, which as per Cobra lack immediate activation support.

This will ensure users with the ‘Replay Protection’ where the users won't be in any danger of replay attacks that occur when a spammer broadcasts several constant transactions onto multiple blockchain forks — if the existing BCH network splits into two different networks, the additional chains following the scheduled network fork in expected in Nov. this year.

Mentioning further of this split the Cobra mentioned this as a ‘disaster’ for  BCH causing a everlasting damage. He said:

“Such agreement failure are a disaster for all investors and users of BCH, however it's virtually not possible to avoid this for now as all the developers and miners concerned refuse to back down. Such a state of affair can wipe out immense amount of Bitcoin Cash, resulting in total ridicule of the currency, and widespread loss of trust and support. Such an injury is just not worthwhile. Some developers and miners will have to avoid having their egos contused around some largely unimportant and non-urgent changes. Even a brief fork can cause a long lasting injury.”

This isn’t the primary attempt to make a  compromise prior the fork. Bitcoin Unlimited, whose software client is currently employed by approximately 1/3  of BCH node operators, has said that it will implement all the changes proposed by ABC and nChain developers in its software and will encourage its users to support for a compromise.

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