Australian's Intend To Buy Crypto As Christmas Gifts - Survey Report. 

Australian's Intend To Buy Crypto As Christmas Gifts - Survey Report. 

2021-11-18 | Mike Hallen

Australian's Intend To Buy Crypto As Christmas Gifts - Survey Report. 

According to a recent survey, more than a quarter of Australian cryptocurrency users intend to buy crypto-related gifts this holiday season. More than a quarter of Australian crypto users polled in October said they want to give digital assets as Christmas gifts this year. A poll of 2,020 Australians aged 18 to 59 was performed by cryptocurrency wallet and service provider Among those who have used cryptocurrency in the past 12 months, 26% said they would consider giving or purchasing cryptocurrency-related items for Christmas. Moreover half of those planning to buy cryptocurrency gifts, or 53%, say they will consider buying crypto-assets like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for their loved ones this holiday season. Crypto sales, such as themed socks or hoodies, may also be popular gifts this holiday season, according to the report, with 43 percent of respondents planning to buy crypto-centric gifts saying they want these goods. About 42% indicated they were considering purchasing currency vouchers, while 35% said they were considering purchasing crypto books. A third of respondents polled stated they were considering giving non-fungible tokens as gifts (NFTs). Justin El-Sheikh, a recent high school graduate from Melbourne, plans to make a cryptocurrency donation this year. He stated that he intends to provide a wallet and a little quantity of Bitcoin to his buddies to get them started. "When I first heard about cryptocurrency, a lot of my friends claimed they wanted to be involved but didn't know where to begin." "It's an established and fascinating concept," he explained. "Australians are very much devoted to adopting cryptocurrencies and merging their use with everyday spending," said Karl Mohan, General Manager of Asia-Pacific at, before adding that the Aussies "are gradually growing consumption of bitcoin and blockchain technology." According to a Finder survey of 1,000 people conducted in September, one in every six Australians now owns a cryptocurrency, with total assets totaling $ 8 billion. Around 9% of Australians take a survey about their own Bitcoin, 8% own Ethereum, and 5% own Dogecoin. launched a worldwide product campaign with Matt Damon last month.

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