Another Accused Pleaded Guilty In Ohio-Based Fake ID Ring Case - Report.

Another Accused Pleaded Guilty In Ohio-Based Fake ID Ring Case - Report.

2019-07-04 | Selina Mathew

Another Accused Pleaded Guilty In Ohio-Based Fake ID Ring Case - Report.

In line with a recent report by ‘The Blade’, a third suspect pleaded guilty in link of lawsuits against Toledo, Ohio-based fake ID ring that’s aforesaid to have accumulated over $4.7 Mln’s in Bitcoin [BTC].

Sarah Alberts, of Perrysburg, Ohio, admitted to charges of laundering, conspiracy as well as wittingly possessing with intent to use illicit or transfer unlawfully 5 or more ID’ [Identification Documents].

Alberts was involved within a large-scale operation to distribute driver’s licenses along with other alternative identification cards across the state that operated in on-line forums like Reddit and were mainly transacted in bitcoin.

The group was operational between June 2013 to Feb 2018, till federal investigators arrested 3 of the participants.

Police primarily confiscated $7,000 USD in cash, a thumb drive with $4.7 Mln in bitcoin, around 6 pre-paid 'crypto' debit cards registered beneath different identities, along with the gold and silver bars.

Co-defendants Mark Alex Simon and Aaron Kuns antecedently pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to launder cash. Simon additionally pleaded guilty to wittingly transferring false ID’s, and Kuns to the assembly of false ID’. The govt. seeks the forfeiture of $2.8 Mln & $2.8 Mln from Simon and Kuns, individually.

Additional charges of production of ID’s & transferring an ID were dismissed as a part of Alberts plea deal.

As per the court documents, Simon - the main accuser - would receive user orders to his Reddit avatar “TedDanzigSR” and forward client’s photos, personal data and mailing labels to Kuns to make 'fake' ID. Alberts was liable for mailing these packages.

In line with the 'report', Kuns was paid by Simon in Bitcoin’s, and Alberts paid him in gold coins or bars. She is scheduled to be sentenced later on 8th October.

Benjamin Stalets, another alleged ring participant, was additionally formally charged.

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