Alien Shiba Inu, Another Meme Coin, Turns Rs 1 lakh to Rs 26 Lakh Plus In A Day.

Alien Shiba Inu, Another Meme Coin, Turns Rs 1 lakh to Rs 26 Lakh Plus In A Day.

2022-01-12 | Daniel Smith

Alien Shiba Inu, Another Meme Coin, Turns Rs 1 lakh to Rs 26 Lakh Plus In A Day.

Occasionally, a superstar in the crypto industry smashes all benchmarks for value spike, regardless of how the remainder of the marketplace is behaving. A fresh cryptocurrency token based on the fame of Shiba Inu, for example, surged to record highs on Sunday, despite a gloomy cryptocurrency world that witnessed all other cryptos, including Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, collapse.

ASHIB is the current focus of attention after a surge of demand drove its price up to more than 26 times its prior worth. In terms of statistics, this implies that a Rs 1 lakh investment in Alien Shiba Inu on Saturday might have yielded a yield of more than Rs 26 lakh by Sunday midday.



The coin is a novelty that capitalizes on Shiba Inu's fame. The producers of Alien Shiba Inu appear to choose to provide investors who lost out on Shiba Inu's Bull Run another opportunity. Island Boys, a TikTok hit, recently dedicated a tune to it.

According to CoinMarketCap statistics, the price of Alien Shiba Inu reached an all-time high of USD 0.009869 around Sunday midday. Whilst it may appear to be a little sum, keep in mind that the coin's average price prior to the increase was roughly USD 0.000376. This implies that investors who have been associated with the cryptocurrency before the spike made huge profits during the weekend.

These rises are common in the crypto space, particularly with fresh tokens as well as coins that are just getting started. One such instance is the alien Shiba Inu. Its bull run was ended prematurely in a matter of hours, and it presently trades at roughly USD 0.0025.

The currency is listed at about 3,000 on CoinMarketCap, and there is no information accessible about its market cap or floating supply. However, the index does state that there would be a max supply of 100 million ASHIB coins.

Further formal details about the currency may be found on its single-page website. It states that the coin's development group is focusing on "three major utility initiatives." These comprise a set of NFT personalities for play-to-earn games, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and AlienShibaInu Crew, a retail bazaar.

The currency was introduced in November of the previous year as well as is built upon Binance Smart Chain. It presently trades on PancakeSwap as well as hopes to be listed on more exchanges in the future. Until then, the creators want to launch a number of marketing activities, involving an airdrop of the meme coin.

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