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Want to advertise with bitcoins on Advertising on Etherdesk – where you can pay with bitcoins – will give you the targeted audience you need for cryptocurrency related topics. Most of our readers already have bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, they are familiar with the digital currency scene and can easily understand what you’re advertising. We want to help our advertisers to get the most out of their marketing campaign.

For any information and query, you are always welcome to mail us at [email protected]
Ways to advertise on Etherdesk

We have different advertisement spots that you can use to advertise your business.

Advertisement Spots 1

728*90 Top Banner (Homepage + Posts)

Advertisement Spots 2

728*90 Above Comment Banner on all our posts

Advertisement Spots 3

300*250 Top Side Banner

Advertisement Spots 4

300*250 Footer Banners

Advertisement Spots 5

300*600px Sidebar Banner

Advertisement Spots 6

250*250px Left Top Sidebar Banner

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On a daily basis, Etherdesk sees over 20,000 unique visitors and more than 50,000 page views.

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