Accusers In A Fake Bitcoin Deal Arrested From France.

Accusers In A Fake Bitcoin Deal Arrested From France.

2018-08-21 | Eddy Morgan

Accusers In A Fake Bitcoin Deal Arrested From France.

As per an international news agency ‘Agence France-Presse’ a South Korean businessman, owner of a digital exchange in Singapore was scammed by a Serbian trader who cheated bitcoins around a worth of $2.3 Mln U.S. dollars in fake Euro currency.

However, when the dealing had ended the South Korean businessman was able to conclude that the euros he had received were fake photocopies. After this a complaint was filed at the police station and the Serbian was arrested from the five-star hotel in France where he was found to be in possession of an expensive watch and a luxury automobile.

According to the legal officer representing the Serbian in the court ‘Gerard Boudoux’ the accused is filed against fraud charges. However the Police is still active on its search for finding his helping partners.

The businessman reportedly created the acquaintance of the Serbian associated his interest in investment in his company for a peer to peer bitcoin offline exchange.

Even in April this year, such a case was reported earlier when several people were arrested over a marketing scam in Tokyo involving cryptocurrencies worth more than 185 Mln Yen . The fraudsters had allegedly lured anothers by paying ten million yen for their bitcoins than the actual value. However, most of the enactment currency notes that were contained in this case clothed to be faux.

Thinks are worrying when the deal’s are too good to be digested. Back in 2016 also there was a case filed involving two people from Belarus who lost more than five hundred bitcoins after transferring them to accusers who were paying a premium price on the rate at that time.

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