According To Bitbull Capital CEO, Bitcoin Is Still On Course To Hit $100,000 By 2023.

2022-03-11 | Selina Mathew

According To Bitbull Capital CEO, Bitcoin Is Still On Course To Hit $100,000 By 2023.

Notwithstanding the gloomy mood that has dominated the cryptocurrency marketplaces since the beginning of the year, Bitbull Capital CEO Joe DiPasquale believes Bitcoin (BTC) is still on course to hit $100,000 over the following 24 months. "I believe 2023 is a safe bet." "We may require some time in 2022 to catch our breath and blow off some steam," DiPasquale remarked.

After the outbreak of a military war between Russia and Ukraine, Bitcoin has shown a mixed response, initially plunging alongside stocks but then swiftly recovering. Numerous people were asking if Bitcoin could still be called the digital equivalent of gold.

"We have to understand Bitcoin as a currency that does not obey the vagaries of a central bank, however instead has a very limited number," DiPasquale explained.

Individuals are adopting cryptocurrencies to alleviate the consequences of the fiscal turbulence on both sides of the war.

There is increasing worry that the Russian aristocracy would seek to circumvent Western sanctions by using cryptocurrencies. DiPasquale, among numerous other experts in recent weeks, feels bitcoin is unsuitable for this purpose.

"With exception of cash, bitcoin is totally identifiable," he added.


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