Accelerating The Work On Digital Economy Bills - Russia.

Accelerating The Work On Digital Economy Bills - Russia.

2019-01-31 | Robin Williams

Accelerating The Work On Digital Economy Bills - Russia.

In line with a recent news published by a native source ‘TASS’, the chairman of the higher house of the Russian parliament has urged MPs to accelerate their work on digital economy bills that embrace a draft on crypto regulation.

Valentina Matvienko, who headed the Federation Council since 2011, spoke to high ranked officials from several institutions, together with the higher House Committee for Economic policy and Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. She asked him to investigate the issues behind the numerous delay with the digital economy bills, TASS added.

As per Matvienko, these bills have already spent a year within Duma, the lower house of Russian parliament, without any vital changes. She urged MPs to seek out what hinders their adoption, whereas additionally assuming that the legislation may be of poor quality and should be rewritten.

The official additionally outlined that 'Russia' has all the required information for a digital breakthrough, but the delays within legal framework force startups to seek different jurisdictions.

Earlier this month, the chairman of the Russian Duma named ‘Vyacheslav Volodin’, outlined that the bills on the 'digital economy' — together with ones on digital monetary assets, digital rights along with crowdfunding — will be a priority throughout the upcoming parliamentary session. He additionally urged lawmakers to form lawmakers to form a positive legal ecosystem for the event of the digital economy in Russia.

Even earlier this month, the head of Committee on Monetary Markets named ‘Anatoly Aksakov’, set a point in time for the discussion, stating that the parliament would review the crypto bill by the end of Feb. this year.

As reported earlier also, the Russian parliament passed the crypto bill within the first reading in May last year. However, once being 'emended', the ultimate version received criticism from members of the crypto business and later was sent back to the primary reading stage.

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