A New Survey Report Released By Crypto Exchange Coinbase.

A New Survey Report Released By Crypto Exchange Coinbase.

2018-08-29 | Robin Williams

A New Survey Report Released By Crypto Exchange Coinbase.

As per a recent nationwide survey of more than 500 students conducted by cryptocurrency exchange ‘Coinbase’ in partnership with ‘Qriously’ revealed that around 18% of scholars concluded that they own digital assets whereas about 1/4 of them wished for a course based on blockchain technology and digital assets.

Financial department head ‘David Yermack’ at the ‘Stern School of Business’ in New York aforementioned that the introduction of such courses would be greatly beneficial for the students. As per him, he has seen the growing interest of the students in the blockchain and digital assets based courses since past four years.

Mentioning further he said that:

“Students can be greatly profitable by learning these new courses as the ongoing developments would very soon lead to the migration of most financial data to the blockchain based organisations.”

The survey conjointly found that cryptocurrency and blockchain courses are finding an equally important area among world’s prime universities. Among the largest U.S. universities, as mentioned by U.S. News and World Report, more than 40 % offer at-least one course based on digital currencies or blockchain technology.

The survey report also has found increasing interest for such courses among scholars. As per the stats, around 47% of students said that they were curious about learning more about crypto.

The news comes after Coinbase CTO ‘Balaji Srinivasan’ sparked a comparison last month, mentioning that majority of people in U.S. own digital assets. This, however, triggered queries from tweeters suspecting the accuracy of extrapolating future cryptocurrency possession rates.

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