26 Yrs Old Hacker Arrested From India - Claims That He Hacked Bitfinex In 2015.

26 Yrs Old Hacker Arrested From India - Claims That He Hacked Bitfinex In 2015.

2021-11-12 | Big Bob

26 Yrs Old Hacker Arrested From India - Claims That He Hacked Bitfinex In 2015.

In a statement, a 26-year-old man suspected of many computer robberies in India told Bengaluru police that he was engaged in the first burglary and theft of bitcoins at Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange while living in the Netherlands. Sirikrishna Ramesh, also known as Sriki, was arrested in November 2020 in connection with a drug-related drug crime. Bitfinex exchanges were hacked twice in 2015 and 2016, resulting in the theft of bitcoins. Although the 2015 robbery was small, the August 2016 crime resulted in the theft of almost 1,20,000 bitcoins, which cost approximately $ 72 million at the time and are now worth approximately $ 7 billion. The second robbery is regarded as one of the largest bitcoin crimes in history. Sirikrishna from India, who is suspected of many robberies in Bengaluru, including an Rs 11.5-crore heist in a district electronics store in 2019, stated in a statement to the Bengaluru Crime Branch claiming he was the first person to rob Bitfinex. Srikrishna talked of defrauding Bitfinex exchanges and obtaining more than 2,000 bitcoins in a voluntary statement connected to a case file he filed in February this year regarding his claimed fraudulent acts. "Bitfinex was my first major bitcoin exchange hack." The dialogue was interrupted twice, and I was the first to do so. "The second was a criminal identity theft attack that led in two Israeli hijackers working for the army finding PCs and one of the staff giving them access to the AWS cloud account," Srikrishna told authorities. According to Israeli media sources from June 2019, two Israeli brothers were detained on suspicion of stealing Bitfinex in 2016.  "I employed a hacker in the data center to gain access to the KVM (kernel-based machine) server with my hacking method." "I restarted the server in GRUB mode, changed the root password, logged in and changed the retrieval server password, and moved the bitcoin-client to my bitcoin address," he explained. According to Srikrishna's statement, he made a profit of approximately 2,000 bitcoins "from the Bitfinex hack and spent all of the money on a pleasant lifestyle." "The price of bitcoin was anticipated to be between $100 and $200, which was relayed by my friend Andy from the United Kingdom," he stated. Police have yet to confirm Sfrishna's charges against Bitfinex because no foreign entity or Interpol has contacted them in connection with the matter. According to sources from India, the ED, its investigators, and the CBI have been notified about the international criminal justice system. "Srikrishna has made numerous allegations. There have been allegations that the university website was hacked in order to boost student grades, however, the university has not reported any comparable incidents. "We didn't go around attempting to substantiate every accusation," a police source said.

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