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2021 Is Memecoins Era – People Are Not Investing In Genuine Cryptos Anymore.

Store investors have been active in the cryptocurrency arena, and it appears that they are still interested in Bitcoin; at least, that is what Google reveals in the most popular cryptocurrency search. Simultaneously, they appear to have a new favorite – the Memecoin Shiba Inu.

Investors in bitcoin and cryptocurrency stores frequently distribute by hand. Small investors were the catalyst for the conference in 2017 when cryptocurrency hit its then-all-time high of $ 20,000.

When BTC hit its April ATH three years and four years later, the same thing happened, and Google searches – which are frequently a reliable sign of business behavior – reappeared.

bitcoin google trend
Source – Google Trend

However, the situation has changed dramatically. As we reported a few weeks ago, the number of searches for “bitcoin” or “buy bitcoin” on the world’s largest search engine was still quite low. However, the asset recently continued to trade at a full-time high of $ 67,000. Despite a fresh high, the search has remained flat.

Similarly, the situation with another frequently asked topic, “where can I buy bitcoin,” remains unfavorable. The number of such Google searches climbed by $ 67,000 between prior peaks earlier this year but never increased before and after the most current.

buy bitcoin

Source – Google Trend

Small investors do exist in the cryptocurrency environment, but they do not want Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Binance Coin. Even the prior 2021 emotions – Dogecoin and SafeMoon – have been forgotten.

Instead, they’re after the Memecoin Shiba Inu, the so-called DOGE killer.

shiba inu google trend

Source – Google Trend

The planned weekly questions by Shiba Inu will surpass the previous ATH, which was released earlier this year. In fact, they’ll pass it in the same way that house values hit a new high this week, nearly doubling.

This is in keeping with Shiba Inu’s recent popularity. Since its launch as a meme coin last year, it has witnessed significant development in terms of shop acquisitions, including the massive SHIBAArmy, which now has hundreds of thousands of admirers.

However, many comparable styles have come and gone in the bitcoin world, many of which have caused a great lot of grief to people who were late to the party. This isn’t to imply that Shiba Inu can’t share the same faith.

Future investors, on the other hand, should focus on conducting a proper study to determine the key reasons why they want to purchase specific assets rather than chasing what is currently popular

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