171 Billion Tokens Purchased By A New Shiba Inu Whale - Exclusive.

171 Billion Tokens Purchased By A New Shiba Inu Whale - Exclusive.

2021-11-19 | Mike Hallen

171 Billion Tokens Purchased By A New Shiba Inu Whale - Exclusive.

Following the worldwide cryptocurrency market sell-off, Shiba Inu whales are not abandoning their beloved meme-token and are eager to acquire more, as this whale has done with 171 billion tokens. Two Significant Transaction Done The whale made the first significant transaction on the blockchain one day ago, when he purchased $6 million worth of SHIB tokens. Following a big correction in the cryptocurrency market, the token has been trading at $0.000049. When Shib sank even lower to $0.000048, the whale chose to buy another, the lesser share of Shiba Inu tokens and earned himself or herself another $2.3 million worth of tokens eleven hours after the initial transaction was executed. SHIB

SHIB/USD 1 Day Price Chart: Souce - Coinmarketcap.com

Is It True,  More Whales are entering into Meme Coins. Market participants foresee a trend reversal as whales gain more influence. The percentage of whales on the network marginally reduced when Shib hit the previous ATH, resulting in a dramatic 45 percent correction in less than a week. What Market Has Shiba Inu Captured, Price Prediction For 2021. SHIB is now trading at a new local low of $0.0000439, having lost about 10% of its value yesterday, before retracing up to 16%. Retail traders are now roughly 98% less interested in speculating with the Shiba Inu coin, according to trading volumes. The significant decrease in the token's value, which will revert to pre-pump values if it goes through another 40% correction, is the key cause for the fast declining interest. Due to the availability of selling power, and even purchasing power, on the market, this is unlikely to happen.

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